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For reaching a visually-driven audience with a variety of interests, Pinterest is an exceptional platform for advertising. With its growing popularity, it offers advertisers a unique opportunity to target a diverse range of consumers, including those in the lifestyle, home decor, fashion, and food industries.

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How do Pinterest Ads work?

• Pinterest ads appear in users’ feeds and search results

• Advertisers choose from multiple ad formats and target specific audiences

• Cost determined by auction system based on relevance and predicted performance

• Advertisers create and manage ads through Pinterest Ads Manager or with a marketing partner

• Ad performance can be tracked for measurement and optimization.

• Advertisers can choose from several different ad formats, including promoted pins, shopping ads, and video ads.

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Where are Pinterest Ads?


Advertisers have the opportunity to display promotional pins in users’ home feeds. The primary characteristic of these advertisements is that they are simply normal pins that users are presented with, depending on their interaction and interest history.

when visitors enter keywords linked to a certain good or service, sponsored content will come first in the search results. Users can distinguish these promoted advertisements from organic searches because they are branded as such.

Category pages on Pinterest are a unique opportunity that ads can be displayed on them with a particular theme such as “Fashion” or “Home décor”. Category page ads can be in the form of promoted pins.

Detailed pages Ads are often seen in users’ news feeds and search results, and they can help a business’s Pinterest presence become more visible and draw in more customers. These advertisements are made to highlight a company’s profile, boards, and pins to a specific audience.


Visually appealing

Because Pinterest is such a highly visual site, businesses can easily display their goods and services there using innovative pictures and videos that attract specific groups of audiences.

High engagement

Because Pinterest users are actively looking for ideas and inspiration, carefully designed Ads have a great chance of engaging users and increasing the probability of interaction with it.

Increase brand awareness

Due to its algorithm, Pinterest allows advertisers to display their ads on users’ feeds, which increases brand recognition and presence.

Measurable results

Pinterest offers marketers comprehensive statistics, enabling them to evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and change their approach as necessary.


Compared to other ad networks, Pinterest advertising can be affordable, especially for companies with few resources.

459 million monthly active users globally

15 min avg. session time

100 million+ active users in US

Purchase intent of over 20%


Pinterest Ads is an advertising platform offered by Pinterest, a social media and discovery platform that allows users to save, share, and discover ideas and content. Pinterest Ads allows businesses to create and display promoted pins to a targeted audience on the Pinterest platform.
There are several types of Pinterest Ads available, including: Promoted Pins: a regular pin with added promotion to reach a wider audience Video Ads: a promoted video pin that appears in users’ home feeds and search results Shopping Ads: a promoted pin that features product information, such as price and availability, making it easier for users to discover and purchase products
The cost of advertising on Pinterest Ads depends on several factors, such as the competition for specific targeting options, your ad budget, and the bidding system. Pinterest uses a bidding system where you bid on your target audience, and the cost per engagement (CPE) or cost per click (CPC) can vary based on the competition for your target audience.
To set up a Pinterest Ads account, you will need to have a registered business and provide necessary information such as your business name, address, and contact information. You may also need to provide a valid credit card or other payment method to fund your ad campaign.

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